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What is a WSD governance token?

  • This is the token of WhiteSwap, which you can hold just like any other asset
  • WSD allows you to become a co-owner of the platform and participate in the development of the project
  • You can stake WSD directly on WhiteSwap and earn extra %

Read more about the token in our Gitbook

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Features and tools

For traders:

Buy cryptocurrency without creating an account and passing KYC. We don’t store user funds on the exchange or control transactions. All operations are carried out with smart contracts.

Invest in liquidity pools and earn %

Profiting from transactions of other users is a great alternative to holding crypto assets.

Become a co-owner of WhiteSwap and part of DAO

Earn on staking the governance token (WSD), as well as participation in the development of the project.

Be faster than the market

Access the newest tokens that haven’t been listed on centralized exchanges yet.

For blockchain projects and token owners:
  • List your token on the WhiteSwap exchange
  • Create liquidity pools and attract investments
  • Form your community with the help of our users

Our Roadmap


  • Q4 2022

    Polygon support

  • Q3 2023

    New Visual Identity

  • Q3 2023

    Ethereum Farming Update

  • Q3 2023

    Tron Farming Update

  • Q1 2024

    Global application redesign


Mission and philosophy WhiteSwap



Simply create your liquidity pool using the WhiteSwap interface, define the initial price, set the liquidity reserves, and add your token to the token list.

Liquidity providers earn a 0.3% fee from every transaction facilitated with the liquidity pool. Trading fees are always auto-compounding for a depositor.

Create (bootstrap) your chosen liquidity pool and simply fill this form out.

Add liquidity into one of the selected pools and then add your LP tokens into the farming pool. As for the staking rewards, users have to manually restake them. Here’s how it works: - Сhoose a farming pool and provide liquidity into the selected pool; - Stake your LP tokens into the farming pool; - Earn your farming rewards and collect fees corresponding to your share in the pool.

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